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About this Site

Your choice of web browser

This site requires a Javascript 1.3-capable browser, as well as one that's capable of interpreting CSS 2.0 (Cascading Style Sheets) code. Any fairly recent browser should easily be able to satisfy these demands. Browsers from the group are highly recommended:

Cookies and your security/privacy

This website uses a cookie to keep track of text-zoom status. This is merely a convenience rather than a necessity... In no way does this cookie pose a threat to your browser and/or operating system and/or privacy. That said, you can easily navigate this site with your browser cookies turned off, if you so choose.

Text zoom

Those with poor vision can click the icon bar's text zoom button () to enlarge the text for easier reading. Click it again to restore normal text size. Note that enlarging text may have undesired effects on page rendering.


This site uses two distinct style sheet (CSS) definitions: one for the screen and one optimized for printouts. This means that the printout format is different from what you see on your screen (check the "print preview" on any given page to see the effect). The advantage being that only the necessary information is retained for printing, while all other non-essential items (navigation menu(s), graphical headers, background images, etc.) are omitted. In order to take full advantage of this feature, your browser must be set up to print ALL graphics and backgrounds (as ironic as this may seem).


In order to aid navigation and overall comprehension, this site uses a good deal of tooltips. In many cases, hovering the cursor over a specific element will yield additional information. Here's an example:

PDF documents and external links

A good portion of the documents on this site are offered in PDF format. These are usually identified using a small PDF logo (). In order to view these documents, you must have Adobe Reader (a.k.a. Adobe Acrobat Reader) installed on your system, and it must be configured for in-browser viewing (this is usually done automatically during installation).

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your system, you can download it for free by cicking on the following button:

For your convenience, all PDF documents on this site open up in new browser windows; the same goes for all links pointing outside this site's domain (i.e. external links ).


If you have any questions or comments about the CONTENT of this site, please contact the Diocesan Centre. You can also contact us via our e-mail address: .

If you have any TECHNICAL questions, or you would like to report an error affecting the FUNCTIONALITY of this site, please contact the . Make sure you describe the problem with as much detail as possible, and please include the following information:

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