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Diocesan Policies

Diocesan Policy for Erecting, Suppressing, or Altering Parishes
New diocesan procedures for the protection of the people we serve

Pastoral Statutes

Pastoral Statute on Parish Pastoral Councils
Pastoral Statute on Parish Committees for Economic Affairs

Pastoral Study Sessions

Documents from the Catholic Conference of Bishops

Rediscovering the Spiritual Heritage of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples


Mission Statements—Pastoral Year 2003-2004

1. Intensify family-and-parish-based religious education...
2. Carry out the diocesan and parish restructuring
3. Establish parish and diocesan foundations for family ministry...
4. Finding ways of financing this pastoral ministry renewal

75th Anniversary Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church (Aroostook)


For Our Minds (contributed by Robert E. Inman)

No Excuse Sunday
A Thought
Why Go to Church ?
The Silent Sermon
Beautiful Flower in a Broken Pot
Real Wisdom